We Buy Books!

We are happy to buy books that fit with what we do. If we aren't interested in your books, we can also help direct you to a local bookseller that would be a better fit.

In general, we are looking for books that are antiquarian or collectible. However, we deal with lots of different books and collections, and are happy to look at a wide range of books.

A few things we are particularly keen on:

  • Vintage cookbooks (before 1975). These do not need to be particularly valuable, we sell lots of inexpensive vintage cookbooks.
  • Books by, for, and about women.
  • Science fiction & fantasy.
  • Mythology and world spirituality.
  • Signed books; especially limited editions.
  • Handwritten manuscripts, old photographs or photo albums.
  • Leather bound books; or books with interesting bindings.

If you are looking for an evaluation of your books, please let us know. We do not do legal appraisals, but we can certainly help you with determining the value of your books or collection. If you're looking for a legal appraisal, we can direct you to people who do it.

A few things we do not buy:

  • Most fiction published in the last 25 years unless a limited edition, or an exceptional first edition or signed copy.
  • Books published after 1975 on sewing, crafts, gardening, or cooking.
  • Magazines published after 1975. We are exceedingly selective on magazines published before then.

We have over 20 years' experience, and have maintained a good reputation by paying fairly. We look forward to helping you find a home for your books.